High and mighty

Hartlepool photographer Lucinda Grange scales great heights to challenge preconceptions of power and gender

lucinda-grange-structure-and-strenght-copyThis photographic project, “Backwards and in High Heels”, takes its name from a quote on a Bob Thaves cartoon strip about Ginger Rogers: everything Fred Astaire did and was admired for, Ginger Rogers did backwards and in high heels. I shot this set of images to challenge gender stereotypes and highlight the physical and mental strengths and capabilities of women.

Stereotypes would suggest that women are weaker, less brave, take fewer risks and have more fears than men. But stereotypes are often wrong. I’ve documented women in a way that highlights their femininity, but in direct contrast, shows their mental and physical strengths: fearless risk-takers, full of strength, bravery and power.


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