Travelling companions

Annemarie Anang explains how the camera helped her to focus

Photographer Annemarie Anang travelled from London to Ghana in May 2013 with her mother, who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Anang’s late father had been planning to retire, in Ghana. It was a brief trip that lasted just a week. Anang took along her camera along as a “companion” during this difficult time, “to help me make sense of the environment, so that I could focus on the task at hand. The result is a striking and thought-provoking catalogue of photographic work reflecting Anang’s emotions at this crucial time of her life.

Travelling companions

“Looking back on these images, it’s interesting to see what subjects caught my eye and the reason for them doing so. I find it helpful to understand my emotions, and my camera can assist with that. This makes moving on much easier which is healthier for my mind.”


Read the full version in The Northern Correspondent #7