Following the flight path

Author and 747-pilot Mark Vanhoenacker wants to share his new life in the skies

Photograph by Nick Morrish

Photograph by Nick Morrish

Mark Vanhoenacker always had a passion for flying, but had given up on it as a career, until a job as a management consultant gave him regular opportunities to stare out of plane windows and rekindle childhood dreams of becoming a pilot. Today, as a senior first officer for British Airways, Vanhoenacker flies Boeing 747s to cities around the world, including Newcastle. His book, Skyfaring: A Journey With A Pilot, charts the simple wonders of flight and his life in the cockpit – a “beautifully observed collection of details, scenes, emotions and facts from the world above the world”, according to a review in the Economist.

Between flights, Vanhoenacker stepped away from the controls to reveal to The Northern Correspondent his advice for first-time as well as frequent fliers.


Read the full version in The Northern Correspondent #4

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