Dwelling places

Carlos Reyes-Manzo has documented the shacks, tents and boxes that are home for many

The philosophical concept of dwelling crosses the physical borders of the home as a collective or individual space. We need to think of the home as a social space beyond windows and doors. People in society are marked by their home and their living standards, and by how society perceives us.

The majority of people I have met as a social documentary photographer live in shanty towns, poor areas in towns, refugee camps without access to clean water, health care, and work. These living conditions affect the social development of individuals and families. That is why housing is a fundamental human right.

Dwelling places

If you focus on a home you will see how the dynamics directly affect women, children, the
elderly and especially people with disabilities. Class determines the residence of people in their social environment. Housing cannot be isolated from education whether state or private, profession and health care.


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